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Representative Matters

  • State of Georgia v. V.S.

    Mr. Gillen secured dismissal of all charges against a State of Georgia legislator following an attack on the State’s charges against his client.

  • United States Gold Club Prosecution

    Verdict - Not Guilty
    In 2001, Mr. Gillen secured one of only two acquittals in the “Gold Club” prosecution in the Northern District of Georgia, which received extensive, nationwide coverage.  

  • United States v. Bain

    Motion to dismiss indictment granted after we challenged the government’s use of client’s immunized statements in prosecution.

  • United States v. Brochstein

    Prior to trial, the government dismissed all charges against an attorney charged with financial institution fraud.

  • United States v. Happ - Verdict

    Verdict - Not Guilty
    Mr. Gillen, as lead counsel, obtained the only acquittal of an executive in the National Century Financial Enterprises prosecution, one of the largest private fraud prosecutions in U.S. history.

  • United States v. Interland

    Judgment of acquittal entered after one month trial where corporate client was charged with racketeering and Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

  • United States v. Karlson and PSI

    Prior to trial, the government dismissed all charges against both the individual defendants and the corporate client after we discovered the government had suppressed favorable evidence.

  • United States v. L.M.

    Verdict - Not Guilty 
    Mr. Gillen obtained a verdict of not guilty for a Federal agent in Atlanta.

  • United States v. Shelnutt

    Verdict - Not Guilty
    Attorney charged with aiding and abetting a drug conspiracy, money laundering, and witness intimidation found not guilty of all charges after a week and a half trial.