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Conspiracy, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and Honest Services Fraud Defense

Much has been written in recent years regarding the expansive use by the federal government of the honest services mail fraud statute. This overbroad and powerful tool for prosecuting individuals and business professionals for white collar crimes was recently scaled back in the Supreme Court's Skilling decision.

The mail fraud and conspiracy laws are elastic, but if stretched too far they break. Gillen, Withers & Lake LLC has successfully defended a wide variety of cases alleging mail fraud and conspiracy.  We have a great deal experience both prosecuting and defending wire fraud and mail fraud cases in Georgia and throughout the nation and we have enjoyed enormous success in defending those cases.

Mr. Gillen and Mr. Withers obtained dismissal of nationally-publicized conspiracy and mail fraud charges against a government contractor U.S. v. D.K./PSI, Inc., Case # 5:08-cr-00024 (Middle District of Georgia 2008). In U.S. v. J.H., Case # 2:06-cr-00129 (Southern District of Ohio 2006), Mr. Gillen obtained the only acquittal of a defendant in a massive healthcare prosecution on charges of conspiracy and mail fraud. Likewise, in U.S. v. D.B., Case # 4:06-cr-00024, (Northern District of Georgia 2006), Mr. Gillen won dismissal of conspiracy charges against a prominent North Georgia businessman. In addition, Mr. Gillen obtained dismissal of conspiracy and wire fraud charges against a corporate client in U.S. v. I.A., Inc., Case # 4:05-cr-00059 (Southern District of Georgia 2005). He also secured dismissal of conspiracy, mail and wire fraud charges against an attorney in U.S. v. M.B., Case # 1:05-cr-00045 (Northern District of Georgia 2005).

Mr. Withers won dismissal of conspiracy and other charges for his client in a massive environmental prosecution in U.S. v. R.E., Case # 3:03-cr-00020 (Middle District of Georgia 2003). And, in U.S. v. Payne. (Southern District of Georgia), Mr. Withers obtained a verdict of not guilty for an insurance agent charged with mail and wire fraud.