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Money Laundering Defense

Once used almost exclusively by the Federal government to pursue large-scale drug dealers, the Department of Justice has increasingly employed money laundering as a prosecutorial tool against white-collar criminal defendants.

This expansion of this prosecutorial tool designed to reach drug dealers in prosecutions of businessmen, public officials and politicians is troubling.

Fortunately, we have extensive experience in handling cases that charge money laundering offense. Mr. Gillen and Mr. Withers won acquittal on over 35 counts, including money laundering, for a well-respected criminal defense attorney in the case of U.S. v. M.S.,  Case # 4:09-cr-00014 (Middle District of Georgia 2009). Just prior to that, they secured dismissal of money laundering and other counts for a government contractor in U.S. v. D.K./PSI, Inc., Case # 5:08-cr-00024 (Middle District of Georgia 2008).